Manager, Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation

Bethesda, Maryland, United States | Healt | Full-time | Partially remote


The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) is the national membership organization for the nation’s federally qualified health centers (also known as FQHCs or Community Health Centers). Health centers are nonprofit, community-directed health clinics that provide access to high-quality, culturally competent, and comprehensive care to people living in medically underserved areas. NACHC strengthens the health center movement through advocacy, training, and technical assistance, clinical and operations support. NACHC is committed to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

This position is based in the Health Center Operations and Governance (HCOG) functional area and leads program evaluation for all training and technical assistance (TTA) in HOCG. In addition, this position leads program evaluation for all TTA implemented in other functional areas as part of the federally funded National Training and Technical Assistance Partners (NTTAP) cooperative agreement. This position also serves as lead for the national health center training and technical assistance (TTA) needs assessment conducted in collaboration with NACHC’s TTA provider partners (example: NTTAPs, Primary Care Associations (PCAs)


1) Establish and oversee a comprehensive evaluation strategy with measures that inform improvements to training and technical assistance and demonstrate impact.

a) Ensure that evaluation strategy aligns program evaluation activities across NACHC and captures/documents comparable results.

b) Implement evaluation strategy across NACHC to ensure that data can be compiled and analyzed by topic and modality.

c) Analyze data and interpret results to provide meaningful feedback on training execution and impact.

d) Provide ongoing support and communication with internal stakeholders to ensure implementation of post-training evaluations.


2) Serves as evaluation lead for National Resource Center Advisory Group (NRC AG) made up of 22 NTTAP awardees.

a) Work with NTTAP partners to design and implement a cross-NTTAP evaluation strategy that utilizes a common core set of performance metrics to measure collective impact.

b) Implement a process to share evaluation results across NTTAPs and with federal stakeholders.

c) Ensure evaluation activities inform needs assessment activities and vice-versa. Work with NTTAP partners to develop a “feedback loop” strategy that continuously monitors health centers’ needs.


3) Responsible for the development and execution of a single, national health center TTA needs assessment, in collaboration with all NTTAP entities, that documents health center training needs.

a) Design a fielding strategy to solicit a sufficient response rate across all health centers nationally; responsible for follow up necessary to reach response rate targets.

b) Provide updates on response rate and adapt strategy and/or communication as needed.

c) Engage other stakeholders for input on the needs assessment tool including but not limited to federal partners.

d) Provide internal and external stakeholders with summary data and analysis that is timely and includes actionable insight for TTA work plan development.


4) Serve as NACHC staff lead to coordinate the all-NTTAPs Needs Assessment Working Group (NAWG) made up of the various NTTAP representatives.

a) Coordinate working group meetings with co-chairs to ensure that participants are contributing to the development, fielding, analysis, and dissemination of the national needs assessment.

b) Summarize deliberations and decisions with internal and external stakeholders.

c) Ensure regular and timely bi-directional communication with the NAWG and NRC AG.

d) Contribute to and participate in the overall functioning and convening of the NRC AG.


5) Provide internal project management for NACHC’s Evaluation and TTA Needs Assessment portfolio and contribute to its operations and financial stewardship.

a) Track projects, ensure deliverable milestones, and contribute to grant deliverable reporting.

b) Contribute to funder proposals.

c) Work with consultants to develop and then managed scopes of work for projects in consultation with supervisor.

d) Prepare contracts and Letters of Agreement in partnership with the HCOG Program Associate.

e) Track consultant billing and manage the contract close out process in partnership with the HCOG Program Associate.

f) Support the development of Request for Proposals (RFPs)/Request for Information (RFI)s and participate in the review of RFP/RFI applications.


6) Contribute to NACHC’s overall programming and objectives

a) Contribute to NACHC Conference Program planning and delivery

b) Support NACHC committees as appropriate

c) Serve on cross-functional teams as appropriate

d) Work in close coordination and collaboration with NACHC staff, Primary Care Associations, NTTAPs, and other funders/partners as appropriate.


Professional/Technical Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

1) Knowledge and experience with diverse types of evaluation methodology, needs assessment models and impact/return on investment formulation.

2) Knowledge of survey design methods and strategies, data analysis and management, qualitative research designs, and project management.

3) Experience with metrics development, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis as well as outcome visualization.

4) Ability to effectively communicate and build consensus across a variety of stakeholders (board members, subject matter experts, health center staff, peers, etc).

5) Ability to think critically and use independent judgement.

6) Ability to organize data in meaningful presentation formats to deliver key messages.

7) Ability to manage several projects concurrently and adapt to changes in project requirements.


Licenses & Certifications

1) PMP preferred not required


Technical Skills

1) At least 5 years demonstrated experience in large scale program evaluation and needs assessment projects, including associated survey platforms and analytical software programs (ie: Qualtrics, Excel)

2) Bachelor’s Degree minimum, prefer Master’s Degree in program evaluation, survey methodology, public health evaluation

Salary Range

The Salary Range for this position is $85,810.45 - 107,263